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Nude Beach in Kiev

Nude Beach

Pictures of Naturism
We have set up this site to showcase new film and video works from the studio in Russia.    The teen web team has created the website which will feature images that they and others from the Naturist Film Review (NFR) have taken during the past few summers.     

The NFR sponsors various activities through out the year, protects and establishes nude beaches in Western Russia, and organizes clean beach days 6 times a year.

Our beaches have been frequented by nudists for over 200 years.    With the proper care, politically, socially and environmentally, we will be able to continue to enjoy these opportunities to commune with these beautiful natural resources.


Nudists at Work

As they say, this picture is worth a thousand words.   Yes, it is a beautiful lifestyle but the benefits are difficult to put into words.   Pictures are betters and the experience is the best.   This day was spent building bridges along the path to Krusca Lake, one of the most serene and awe inspiring Naturist campgrounds.   All Naturist campgrounds are free in Russia.   However there is no maintenance provided, it is up to us to pitch in and help.

Nudist Teen Girls

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